Sunday, April 19, 2015


I finally have everything potted! I still need to plant my Zinnia seeds but need a wee bit more potting soil. I planted some of the Lemongrass seeds, no point in using the whole package when I don't need that many plants. Yes, I know I could use seed starting kits or peat pots but I guess I am too cheap and lazy, lol. I also planted a different kind of chives, the ones with the purple flowers and are tube-shaped, mine are flat and have lovely white flowers in late summer which the bees just love! I have only ever seen garlic chives at the store and mine don't taste garlicky. Here's my big herb pot:

 I found a package of Black Cherry tomato seeds I bought at some point and figured what the heck, I will put some in this hanging pot and see what happens. I will keep you posted

Peppers are all nestled in the grow box and mulched

A bloom on one of the Ichiban eggplants, I did use a little Sevin dust to discourage pests and mulched very heavily

Two tiny Black Krim tomatoes, note the black streak on them already!

Cardinal Climbers doing well, will probably thin them out again once they get bigger

It is DELIGHTFULLY cool right now,  we've had over 2 inches of rain over the last two days,  the heat won't be far behind I'm afraid but I will enjoy it for now!  Feel free to share your garden photos or thoughts with me!

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