Monday, April 13, 2015

April showers bring May flowers

UGH! Between work and family obligations I still have not potted the plants I bought last week!!! Have made no progress in finishing up the planting although they seem happy enough at the moment. Hope to get everything finished this week and patio cleaned up.

Got at least a half inch of rain today, a cool 64 degrees at the moment.

Glads are pushing up

Have a small Indigo Rose tomato 

Black Krim tomato has what almost appears to be a double bloom

Common Sage is blooming,  will see if I can harvest any seeds

Lime Basil sprouting nicely

Cardinal Climbers are progressing well 

Dahlia I planted from seed last year 
Hopefully it will bloom more this year,  it survived the heat and two weeks of unintentional neglect by significant other who did the best he could while I was out of town, lol 

I might need to stake this Citronella,  it's already pretty tall!

I have never tried to root Rosemary but we will see if this method works

Will post more later if I get everything potted and planted, fingers crossed! 

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