Saturday, April 4, 2015

Plans and objectives

Planted Cardinal Climber seeds today in hanging pots on Topsy Turvy pole, the goal is to have them use the pole as a trellis and attract hummingbirds. I have not grown these before.

Planted Lime Basil seeds today too. Am direct seeding into pots as no more freezes are expected and weather is into the 70s and 80s.

Bought marigolds to plant around the tomatoes and eggplants but am rethinking that as some say in full sun they attract spider mites which I don't need. The Black Beauty eggplant I planted last year grew and bloomed beautifully but hot humid weather and the flea beetles were too much I think and for all my effort I only got ONE eggplant. The plant was big and beautiful,  had no idea they got so big! Am trying the Ichiban eggplant this year, will see how it goes

Still have to plant my Zinnia seeds, Lemongrass seeds , get those Black Krim tomatoes and those peppers in containers soon.

Pruned the established lavender back as it seemed very woody, will see if that's what it needs to refresh it.

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