Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

Got  about a half an inch of rain day before yesterday

Cardinal Climber  vine planted in hanging pots some seeds have already begun to sprout

Have about 3 gladiolus that have begun to sprout

Still need to plant Ichiban eggplant transplants as well as sweet Gypsy pepper jalapeno peppers and Black Krim tomatoes. waiting on a day off so I can get this done.

Planted the Lime Basil seeds,  no sign of sprouts yet.

still need to plant lemongrass and zinnia seeds to, need more potting soil, so much to do,  so little time!

Glads sprouting

Sage blooms

Cardinal Climber seeds sprouting

Oxalis folded up at night 

Lemon Balm, always winters over like a champ 

Japanese fern, repotted this spring 

Stargazer lilies,  will not bloom for at least another month,  have had these about 3 years now, same pot, winters over well 

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