Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 2, 2015

Beautiful stretch of weather we are having, highs in the 80s,  lows in the 60s and sunny! Expecting rain this week, we broke a record for monthly rainfall in April and May is our wettest month here in North Texas.

Indigo Rose tomato plant not as big as the Black Krims but already has fruit where the Krims do not :

The Black Cherry tomato seedlings are doing nicely, may try and dig a couple out for a friend rather than just toss them when thinning :
Several Jalapeños growing,  no fruit yet on the Gypsy peppers or the Purple Bell :

Jalapeños are on the left, Gypsy pepper in the back and front right is the Purple Bell.

Have been checking the eggplants for bugs, found a couple of green aphids, sprinkled with Sevin dust again. This plant seems less robust than the other one:

Love the purple veins in the green leaves! If I don't have any success this year I probably won't grow them again.

This is my combo herb pot with chives, sage, lavender and rosemary :
It's hard to get the whole thing in a picture!

Cardinal Climbers should be ready to start climbing soon!
That's about all for now, hope your gardens are all doing well and you are enjoying some beautiful Spring weather!

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